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WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization devoted to transgender health.

WPATH Letter Requirements - IU Health Transgender Surgery

WPATH Letter Requirements. WPATH stands for The World Professional Association of Transgender Health, of which we are members. WPATH is a non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization devoted to transgender health care. They have set for the Standards of Care v. 7, for the health of transsexual, transgender and gender ...

WPATH Standards of Care - tssurgeryguide.com

WPATH Standards of Care: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Inc. (WPATH) (formerly, the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. (HBIGDA) is a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender dysphoria.

Sample Referral Letters for Hormone Therapy and Gender ...

10/30/2015 · Sample Therapist Letter for Gender-Confirming Surgeries. Note that per WPATH standards, some gender-confirming surgeries do not require trans people to be on hormones or to have achieved a “social transition” living in their identified gender before some types of surgeries. Talk to your insurance company about what their requirements are so ...

WPATH Standards - Gender Confirmation

Surgery Sample Letter ... [Patient name] has more than met the WPATH criteria for [surgery]. I have explained the risks, benefits, and alternatives of this surgery and believe they have an excellent understanding of them. They are capable of making an informed decision about undertaking surgery. I believe that the next appropriate step for them ...

Surgery Sample Letter – TransLine: Transgender Medical ...

Therapy Letter Requirements Source: WPATH Standards of Care Letter Requirements The mental health professional letter is a crucial part of a successful transition. As more and more patients seek gender confirmation surgery and hormone therapy, we are noticing a drop in the quality of the therapy letters.

Papillon Center - Dr. McGinn SRS, HRT, and Electrolysis

Process: Please send award nominations by April 24, 2018 to the WPATH office at wpath@wpath.org SUBJECT: WPATH STUDENT AWARDS. Nominations should include: a letter of recommendation (no more than 2 letters) the nominee’s CV; nominee’s email address and/or phone number. Award Presentation: The chairs will notify the award recipient by June 1 ...

WPATH Awards - WPATH World Professional Association for ...

7/8/2011 · I can has two letters of recommendation for surgery! =D As I wrote before, I was having a tough time finding someone for my second letter, as required by the WPATH Standards of Care (and more importantly, as required by my surgeon). I'd collected a couple of suggestions from trans friends and called a few psychologists, with no luck.

Disordered Identity: Letters to a Surgeon

Online Gender Therapists: (A list of therapists that can provide you with a letter of recommendation for surgery.) All letters of recommendation for sex reassignment surgery should follow the WPATH standards of care.

Online Gender Therapists for SRS letters

This letter is to serve as documentation that (name) has been assessed for readiness for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as per the WPATH Standards of Care, Version 7. (Client name) has been a client of (your organization) from (date) to (date). She has been taking hormone blockers for the past


As per the WPATH Standards of Care, Dr. King requires that patients have a support letter from a qualified mental health professional recommending FTM Top Surgery.The recommended content of the referral letters for FTM Top Surgery is as follows:. The client’s general identifying characteristics; Results of the client’s psychosocial assessment, including any diagnoses;

FTM Top Surgery and WPATH Standards of Care










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